Sunday, January 21, 2007

First Post

Not much to post about so far. We are going through some very cold days now with extreme windchill. We finally got a cover of snow last week which should protect my newly established plants from frost heave as we usually get a lot of freeze/thaw temperatures in this area. The paperwhites that I got for Christmas are beginning to bloom which gives me a taste of spring - thanks Andrew!
I am a little concerned about the hundred or so bulbs that I planted last fall because we had lots of rain and I'm afraid some of them may have rotted as that bed is not too well drained. I guess only time will tell.
Looking forward to sharing my future gardening experiences - good and bad.


Love2Run said...

1st comment ;-)
That's a nice picture. They look like little propellors!

Andrew said...

I'm waiting for the stories of Mike falling into the pond.